New Media Group, Svetoslav Kantardzhiev and the children`s books

Literature is one of the main factors when we talk about internal wealth. In my opinion, first of all, beauty is a reflection of the human soul, therefore, it is advisable to make children respect the language and the words.
That`s why publishers like New Media Group and Svetoslav Kantardzhiev, which stimulate the market of children`s books, deserve admiration. It is much easier to be an attractive author for adults than to achieve the same success within the kids. Children do not have established habits, parents are the ones who help them in discovering new and magical worlds, illustrated by native or foreign classics.
Recently, one of my closest friends gave a book to his 6-year-old daughter for the very first time. Actually, inspired by him, I remembered for my Patilansko Tzarstvo where I was overcoming the evil king and releasing the most beautiful girl in the kingdom; I was traveling to remote places and seeing strange creatures… It is all about imagination. 🙂
Reading books by children is important for their education because of another valuable quality. Books teach kids to be independent and selves-sufficing, to think creatively. A lot of modern jobs rely on unconventional approach and vision to reality and the market.
In conclusion, parents, be responsible and act boldly, in the best sense of the word, with your descendants on the road to the big reading. In my view, your irreplaceable assistant will be picturesque titles from New Media Group.

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